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Net Price Calculator

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Be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1 and before March 1.

Olivet Nazarene University's FAFSA code: 001741

Net Price Calculator

To discover what you will need to invest toward an Olivet Nazarene University education and the return on that investment, please answer the questions below. The more information you provide will allow us to give you a clearer picture of the scholarships and grants available to you (last year 100% of first time, freshmen students received grant aid). However, the bold fields is the minimum amount of information we need to provide you an estimated net price. PLEASE NOTE: Only use this calculator if you would enter Olivet as a first-time freshman. If you are a transfer student, please use the transfer student calculator.

First-time Freshman Calculator

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Note: ONU does not provide campus housing for students over the age of 23.

I was born before January 1, 1988
I am serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces
Since I turned age 13, both of my parents were deceased
I was a dependent or ward of the court since turning age 13
I am married
I am a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
I was in foster care since turning age 13
I am currently or I was an emancipated minor
I will be working on a master's or doctorate program (e.g., MA, MBA, MD, JD, PhD, EdD, graduate certificate)
I have children and I provide more than half of their support
I have dependents (other than children or my spouse) who live with me and I provide more than half of their support
I am homeless or I am at risk of being homeless
I am currently or I was in legal guardianship

Note: Providing an up-to-date EFC will return a more accurate estimated net price.

Not sure what your EFC is? Click here to find out.

Campus Commute
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Yes No
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What is the Federal TEACH Grant?

*Salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries not adjusted for inflation.